Monday, October 12, 2009

News Update: October 12th, 2009

The website for the Working On Walls (WoW) collaborative grant is now online here. Check it out to learn more about exciting new opportunities in the Samuels Lab, and in other labs in the Department of Botany at UBC, the Centre for High Throughput Biology (CHiBi) at UBC, the Faculty of Forestry at UBC, the Michael Smith Laboratories at UBC, and the Department of Biology at the University of Victoria.

From the WoW website: “Working on Walls (WoW), launched in 2009, is a six-year NSERC CREATE training program focused on graduate student and postdoctoral training in an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and international environment. The scientific focus of WoW is the biosynthesis of plant cell walls and the practical implications of cell wall research. The training focus of WoW is to offer a small group of students and post-doctoral fellows a rigorous and effective post-graduate experience anchored in an integrated set of cell wall research projects balanced with development of a wide array of transferable professional skills. WoW alumni will be prepared to pursue excellence in a number of professional careers.”