Monday, March 7, 2022

New publication on monolignol trasport

The Samuels lab is happy to announce the publication of our new paper in The Plant Cell: Monolignol export by diffusion down a polymerization-induced concentration gradient. 

We present evidence for the hypothesis that monolignols can simply diffuse across cell membranes. This hypothesis has been around for many years but had yet to be rigorously tested. Using liposomes it was demonstrated that monolignols could diffuse through bilayer membranes. A multi-photon imaging system was used to quantify lignin and soluble phenolics in living plant roots which lent support to the role of diffusion in real living, lignifying cells. 

Our story was fortunate to be highlighted with an "In Brief" editorial in The Plant Cell and is featured on the UBC Botany website. This work was completed by Mendel PerkinsMathias Schuetz in the Samuels lab and collaborators from the MansfieldCastellarin and Bally labs. Read the paper here.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Jan's new paper on red algal cellulose synthases is out!

The Samuels lab is very happy to announce that Jan Xue and her co-authors have just published their work on red algal cellulose synthases in the Journal of Experimental Botany. This paper is the result of Jan's MSc thesis work completed in the Samuels and Martone labs at UBC. In addition Jan travelled to, and collaborated with, the Zimmer lab at the university of Virginia. Jan and her co-authors have combined phylogenetic analysis, heterologous expression, biochemical assays and fluorescent microscopy to further our understanding of cellulose synthases in Calliarthron tuberculosum. Read the paper here.


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dr. Livingston's Graduation!

A couple of stalked glandular trichomes with lovely compartments of terpenes and cannabinoids (for further details on that read the lovely paper here) stopped by the blog to congratulate Dr. Sam Livingston in advance of his PhD. graduation tomorrow. The Samuels lab is very happy for his success and though he will be missed we look forward to the great things he will surely accomplish next.