Tuesday, October 6, 2020

New publication


We are pleased to announce the publication of Dwarfism of high‐monolignol Arabidopsis plants is rescued by ectopic LACCASE overexpression in Plant Direct. Co-first authors Mendel Perkins and Mathias Schuetz and our many co-authors have used biochemistry, microscopy and transcriptomics to understand how laccases are able to alleviate the dwarfism caused by overexpression of MYB63 and MYB58 transcriptional regulators of the monolignol biosynthesis pathway. This work advances our understanding of the relationship between lignin monomer synthesis, lignin polymerization and impacts on growth which has been a pernicious problem that comes about when alterations are made with the goal of improving bioenergy production.

Laccases and peroxidases on the cover of Plant Physiology


Natalie Hoffmann and other Samuels lab alumni Anika Benske, Heather Betz and Mathias Schuetz have published a new paper in Plant Physiology. Their paper, Laccases and Peroxidases Co-Localize in Lignified Secondary Cell Walls throughout Stem Development, explores the developmental and spatial expression of a range of laccases and peroxidases using fluorescent proteins. This work expands our understanding of the roles that different oxidative enzymes play across different cell types, cell wall subdomains and developmental stages in the formation of lignin.

Not only did it make the cover, the paper was also highlighted and discussed in a News and Views editorial.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Congratulations Sam!

Sam has been officially awarded an honorable mention for the 2020 Ragai Ibrahim Award for Best Student Paper during the online Canadian Society of Plant Biologists annual business meeting. Sam's paper, a recent cover story in the Plant Journal, used a wide range of microscopy and omics techniques to advances our understanding of the development of the site of accumulation of many of the medical and recreational compounds in cannabis plants.